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Seeing Red with T-Swizzle

14 days to go until the release of Taylor Swift’s latest album, Red! Not that I’m counting or anything…

She released the whole list of songs on Good Morning America and here they are!

1. State Of Grace
2. Red
3. Treacherous

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The New Normal is filled with Glee

While I’m saving most new shows to watch in bulk on October 14 so I can weed out the ones I want to watch and the ones to pretend didn’t air, I couldn’t resist watching the first few episodes of The New Normal.

Remember back when Glee first started and it was hilariously politically incorrect? That’s The New Normal. Hopefully it won’t turn all mushy and accepting and patronizing like Glee, though I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying the new season of Glee!

Probably the best character is the incredibly racist and homophobic grandma - finger’s crossed she won’t leave the show or worse become PC. While hilarious, it’s still a heartwarming plotline, a single mom wanting to earn some money for law school becomes a surrogate for a gay couple and they become one happy family - the new normal you might say.

Verdict is still out the on the daughter… Weird or sweet?

Pretty little lies spread into 2013

Yay Pretty Little Liars has been renews for season four! Even though I’m a wimp and can’t watch this show at night (it should be rated R, it’s terrifying!), I thoroughly enjoy it during the day at the weekends!

Set to air later next year, the full 24-episode order is set to be amazing. It was exciting enough to find out that Mona was ‘A’ but last season left us knowing that Toby was apparently in on it too! Spencer should have stayed together with that tennis club guy for sure.

Will this season finally be the one where they conquer A?

Britney isn’t here for that

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TV time! The fall line up

I love this time of year! Okay so it’s depressing that summer is well and truly over, but there is so much TV to watch. So, so much. I’m not entirely sure how to keep up with it all! America’s Next Top Model: College Edition and The New Normal kicked things off on August 24th and September 10th respectively, and here is what we have to look forward to:

12th Sept - The X Factor USA

24th Sept - Partners (new)

25th Sept- Ben and Kate (new), Private Practice, The Mindy Project (new)

26th Sept - Modern Family

27th Sept - Grey’s Anatomy

30th Sept- Revenge, Dexter, Once Upon A Time, 666 Park Avenue (new)

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Taylor Swift announces new album and first single


During a live chat last night, Taylor Swift announced that her new album is being released on October 22!

Not only that but it’ll be a whopping 16 tracks long (not including bonus tracks!), with the first single called We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Who aren’t you getting back together with, Taylor? Listen to it here, and also the country version.

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