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Celebrity of the Week: James Denton

Warning: Includes Desperate Housewives spoilers from Sunday, March 11.

By Jennifer McKenzie (@ImJeej)



Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives.

Why do we love him this week?

We were remembering him this week, as his character on DH was tragically shot dead on Sunday. Teri Hatcher has spoken out about the death, saying that she was devastated because it leaves Susan in exactly the same position as when the series first started - a single parent with a young child, sad and alone.

When and where can we see him next?

Desperate Housewives boxsets?! He does also perform as part of the Band from TV, featuring other TV stars. Keep an eye out here for future concerts.

Top trivia?

The cryptic tattoo on his left bicep? It’s of his late father’s initials, birth and death dates, rank and serial number in the Navy.

Favourite quote:

‘We went to the Grey’s Anatomy DVD release party. My gift to my wife for Valentine’s Day was that I took her to see Patrick Dempsey.’

  • 16 March 2012