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Kim Kardashian makes her 3D debut

By Jennifer McKenzie

The world is well and truly going 3D. Oh wait, isn’t life already in 3D?! Yet instead of going to football matches or to the ballet, we can see it in 3D at the cinema now. Why experience life for real when you can sit in a darkened room and watch it pop out at you? Normally I’m a fan of cinema and sofa time, but 3D just doesn’t do it for me.

Okay, so animation is getting better, but ‘people films’ just leave me angry. Even watching the trailer for Step Up 3D made me feel sick. They were dancing and twirling across the screen so quickly, the 3D couldn’t keep up and so it became a moving mass of blurry colours. I’d hate to think how quickly it would ruin a perfectly lovely ballet. But I suppose it’s like Marmite… and it seems a lot of people have jumped on the 3D bandwagon.

Monday, August 8 marks the launch of World’s Most Beautiful, the first entirely 3D magazine.

I’m slightly confused about how this is going to work – perhaps it’ll be like a hologram card? You move it and the image appears 3D? Apparently to get the full impact you should wear the dreaded uncomfortable and unflattering 3D glasses – what a treat! 

Shot with a special 3D camera (what does that even mean?!) created by Nick Saglimbeni, it sees Kim Kardashian gracing the cover. Of course. Who else could it be? I recently tried to catch a glimpse of her when she came to London to promote her latest fragrance, but unfortunately due to me lacking in the height gene pool, I was jumping up and down like the cool, calm and collected person that I am, and only managed to see the back of her head. Is the World’s Most Beautiful my second chance? Will it be like seeing Kim in real life? Or would it be more satisfying to just see a traditional, but beautifully shot 2D spread? Only time will tell… Coincidentally, the magazine is released the same day as the Kardashian Kollection at Sears.

  • 5 August 2011